Leopard Mobility gives our valued dealers the opportunity to provide a top-tier service to their customers.

Mobility. Everyone wants it and everyone needs it. As the key driver in how the world communicates and interacts, Leopard Mobility makes it simple for anyone to have a mobile device on the spot!

Leopard Mobility gives our valued dealers the opportunity to provide their customers with affordable mobility. Dealers benefit from attractive, in-store kiosks fully stocked with the top-rated smartphones, tablets and laptops on the market, as well as turnkey solution for all wireless needs including: devices, accessories, activations, returns, repair, and displays.

For the convenience of their customers, we offer Leopard Mobility dealers comprehensive activation programs through major prepaid and month-to-month service agreements.

Our mobility service prides itself on dealer and customer satisfaction and service. By supplying dealers with top-of-the-line, expertly refurbished mobile devices, Leopard Mobility is able to keep prices low. We also offer a 30-day initial inventory cost program, which allows delayed payment from the dealer for inventory until it is sold or rented.

Why Dealers Choose Leopard Mobility
  • Wide selection & consistent supply of in-demand mobile devices
  • Largest supply of iPhones in the RTO industry
  • Competitive prices on smartphones, tablets & laptops
  • Reduced service prices on devices
  • High margin accessory program
  • Software integration and dealer web portal
  • Expert repair services
  • Top-tier client services
  • Guaranteed buyback of excess inventory
  • Refurbishment & re-kitting of returns for maximum ROI
  • Customer retention from airtime and/or device upgrades
  • Warranty for breakage or water damage

Leopard Mobility dealers have direct access to our certified repair services. This allows you to have damaged inventory quickly and efficiently processed and repaired. We keep you fully stocked with expertly refurbished mobile devices at all times.


Leopard Mobility gives our valued dealers the opportunity to provide a top-tier rent-to-own service to their customers.

Q: How does the 30-day initial inventory cost program work?

A: After acceptance into the Leopard Mobility dealer program, Leopard Mobility will deploy the initial shipment straight to the dealer location. During the 30-day period, dealers will only pay for inventory sold. Upon completion of the 30 days, dealers can either decide to purchase initial inventory or send inventory back to Leopard Mobility at no cost to the dealer.

Q: Are there different types of dealer display options?

A: Displays are determined on store volume

Q: What does "factory refurbished" mean? “Rekitted?”

A: These mobile devices are tested to ensure quality workmanship standards remain excellent. Factory refurbished devices are visually and diagnostically inspected to ensure these items function. Factory refurbished devices may have some observable cosmetic imperfections, but they will not affect performance.

In addition to being factory refurbished, all Leopard Mobility devices are rekitted with a white box and accessories applicable to the unit. This may include a charger and earbuds dependent on the type of mobile device.

Q: How does the repair process on devices work?

A: Each Leopard Mobility dealer accepted to the program will be assigned a dealer portal. In the instance of a repair, the dealer will fill out an online form

Leopard Mobility dealers may also provide full repair options to non-Leopard Mobility devices. This will enhance overall store traffic.

Q: How is pricing of excess inventory buyback determined?

A: Pricing of excess inventory is determined on wholesale market on the device at the time of buyback.

Q: After registration & ordering, how long does it take to receive inventory?

A: Receipt of initial inventory after registering and ordering with Leopard Mobility will be within three days dependent on volume and shipping.

Q: What are the benefits of having a Leopard Mobility display?

A: Many benefits come with being accepted as a Leopard Mobility dealer. Dealers received up to 20% discount on all products, including high margin accessories, training on device activation for customers, quick repair services, fully-kitted devices, customer service and support and warranty options.

Q: What are the benefits of kitted devices?

A: Kitted devices are completely refurbished and tested, as well as wiped of all data. Our white box ready devices increase customer satisfaction and can be branded with Leopard Mobility dealer logos. A charger and applicable accessories are included. The professional appearance of Leopard Mobility devices adds value.

Q: How does Leopard Mobility deal with data erasure?

A: Dealers will send devices back to Leopard Mobility for a complete data erasure process. Leopard Mobility is essentially taking the liability for data leaks from the dealer. Our process relieves any data concerns from dealers and customers

Q: What types of mobile devices does Leopard Mobility supply?

A: Leopard Mobility maintains a consistent inventory of mobile devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops. Our relationship with major carriers allows us to keep Leopard Mobility dealers stocked with the most in-demand devices on the market. Our smartphones include:

  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPhone 5S
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy S5

Q: What does it mean when a device is unlocked?

A: All Leopard Mobility devices are unlocked and can be made to work with any GSM carrier.

Q: How does repair pricing work?

A: Pricing will be determined by brand, model, and parts availability. Estimate will be given prior to repair so the Leopard Mobility dealer may make the evaluation of value of item vs. cost of repair. For your convenience, no work will be performed without the dealer’s consent and agreed upon cost.

Items that are not economical for the dealer to repair may be returned to the store, kept for future use of parts, or sold by Leopard Mobility. The dealer would make this determination.

Q: Who pays for repairs? Customer repairs?

A: The dealer pays Leopard Mobility for repair costs. In turn, the Leopard Mobility dealer determines customer repair charge.

Q: How long is repair turnover?

A: Devices will be fixed and shipped within 10 business days of receipt if being returned to dealer. If the repair is warranty, Leopard will provide warranty administration, alert the store that it will take longer than 10 business days, and will only charge for shipping (no charge for warranty repair)

Q: Do dealers have the ability to provide customer activation?

A: Yes. Leopard Mobility dealers accepted into the program are provided with customer activation services. The initial cost is $15-$30 per phone that is activated. Dealers will earn a residual for renewal through the same SIM card. Our quality service providers include Lyca Mobile & H2O Mobile

Q: How does the accessory program work?

A: Leopard Mobility provides dealers the option to buy high margin accessories for all devices. There is a small minimum order.

Q: Without participation in the leopard mobility program what is available to retailers?

A: Without participation in the Leopard Mobility dealer program, retailers are able to purchase rent to own phones and warranties. Retailers are also provided device repair services

Q: Without participation in the Leopard Mobility program what is NOT available to me?

A: Many benefits are not available to retailers who do not participate in the Leopard Mobility dealer program including:

  • Discounts on in-demand mobile devices & accessories
  • Customer service & support
  • Customer activation providers
  • Recognizable device display
  • Employee training on devices

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